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Essex Art Association

established 1946

EAA Council Members
Chip Rutan, President
Pam Carlson, Vice-President
Nancy King, Secretary

Barbara Morrissey, Treasurer
Elin Dolle, Member
Bob Gantner, Member
Susan Malan, Member
Peggy Price, Member
Cathy Puccio, Member

Kay Brigante
Anne Coffey
Co-Administrative Directors



Congratulations to Our Newly-Elected Artists!
Three Essex Art Association members were recently approved as Elected Artists. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lee Bardenheuer, Maura Cochran and Mary Mellot.

Three Upcoming Events!
    In celebration of our 70th anniversary, Essex Art Association is pleased to announce three exciting events scheduled for the 2016 calendar year.

Founding Fathers' Day — June 19
Luisa Whiting, daughter of Henry Kreis, Ned Chalker, son of E. Gould Chalker, and Bill Freeman, son of Fred Freeman, will each share stories about their fathers—three of the founders of Essex Art Association. (Click here for more about this special event.)

Field Trip to the Hill-Stead Museum — Date to be determined
We are organizing a field trip to the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, tentatively planned for the month of October. (Click here for more about this special event.)

Griswold Inn Art Talk — November 13
Geoff Paul of the Griswold Inn has graciously offered to give us a guided tour of the Griswold Inn's storied art collection. (Click here for more about this special event.)


A Terrific Reception for Our Opening Exhibit — "Story Lines"

The Essex Art Association opened its season with a bang Friday night, May 6. The Gallery was filled with artists and art-lovers, gathered to celebrate and view the exhibition, "Story Lines."

​The following awards were given:

Exit Gallery Show Award:  Diana Roberts Paschall, Preacher in Training Near Bus Line

Best in Show $350:  Mary Mellot, People Watching

Best Interpretation of Theme $300: Catherine Puccio, Young Writer

Best in Photography $250:  Charles Lagana, Twists & Turns

Best Abstract $200:  David Schulz, Georgetown, Maine #1

Best in Watercolor $100:  Claudia Van Nes, Fishing

Best in Pastel $100:  Beverly Schirmeier, Twilight II

Best in Sculpture:  Sharon Didato, Not Quite the Whole Story

The Moore Award $100:  Ellen Gaube, Hygeia

The Moore Award $100:  Elin Dolle, Show Time

The Kingsbury Watercolor Award $100:  Gretchen DiGiannantonio, Castletown Chimneys

The exhibition will run from May 7-28. If you were unable to attend the opening reception, do stop in before the end of the month! The gallery is open from 1-5 pm daily; closed Tuesdays.

A list of artists whose work has been accepted to this exhibition is available online. Click here for the list.

For Those of You Who Like to Plan Ahead....

The second exhibition of our 2016 season is "Clouds & Shadows," an exhibition of some of the best and most recent work by our Elected Artists. Mark your calendars for the evening of Friday, June 3, 6-8 pm for the opening reception!