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Essex Art Association

established 1946

EAA Council Members
Chip Rutan, President
Pam Carlson, Vice-President
Nancy King, Secretary

Barbara Morrissey, Treasurer
Elin Dolle, Member
Bob Gantner, Member
Susan Malan, Member
Peggy Price, Member
Cathy Puccio, Member

Kay Brigante
Anne Coffey
Co-Administrative Directors



This is the Last Week of "Clouds and Shadows", Showcasing Work by Our Elected Artists

The second exhibition of our 2016 season is "Clouds & Shadows," an exhibition of some of the best and most recent work by our Elected Artists. If you haven't yet seen this exhibit, it will run until Saturday, June 25, closing at 5 pm.

Our Next Exhibit is Opening Soon

Our third exhibition of the 2016 season is themed "Inside Out." This exhibition is an open exhibition, meaning it is judged for awards only. All artists, members or non-members, are encouraged to submit artwork. For more information on this exhibition, click here.

The Hartford Courant has published an online article about our third exhibition. Click here to access that article.

Congratulations to Our Newest Elected Artists!
Three Essex Art Association members were recently approved as Elected Artists. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lee Bardenheuer, Maura Cochran and Mary Mellot.

Three Exciting Events!
    In celebration of our 70th anniversary, Essex Art Association is pleased to announce the following events scheduled for the 2016 calendar year.

Founding Fathers' Day was held June 19. It was a memorable evening and we will be posting more about it this week. Return soon!
Luisa Whiting, daughter of Henry Kreis, Ned Chalker, son of E. Gould Chalker, and Bill Freeman, son of Fred Freeman, shared stories about their fathers—three of the founders of Essex Art Association. (Click here for more about this special event.)

Field Trip to the Hill-Stead Museum — Date to be determined
We are organizing a field trip to the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, tentatively planned for the month of October. (Click here for more about this special event.)

Griswold Inn Art Talk — November 13
Geoff Paul of the Griswold Inn has graciously offered to give us a guided tour of the Griswold Inn's storied art collection. (Click here for more about this special event.)