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The Exit Gallery - 2017

The Gantner Gallery Award, formerly the Exit Gallery Award, is a once-in-a-lifetime award, is the Essex Art Association's highest tribute to an artist. It is given to one artist during each EAA show. It affords the recipient the opportunity to present a body of work in a dedicated space during a show at our gallery.

The Gantner Gallery

Essex Art Association Exit Gallery space renamed in honor of Bob Gantner.

Bob Gantner has been a driving force behind the Essex Art Association.  He has worn many hats during his approximately 20 years on the EAA Council, including: council member, vice president, president, treasurer, and most importantly, friend and mentor to everyone who has followed in his footprints.

In honor of Bob's dedicated and caring service to the Essex Art Association, we are extremely happy to announce that the Exit Gallery has been renamed to the Gantner Gallery

Thank you Bob for all you've done.

Gantner Gallery Artists for 2018 Season

 Janet Rayner: Spring Juried Show, May 5 - 26

Pam Erickson: Elected Artist Show, June 2- 23

Steven Wells: Summer Open Show, June 30- July 21

Fred Trinkaus: Summer Juried Show, July 28 - August 18

Michele Sinkez: Late Summer Open Show, August 25 - September 15

Exit Gallery Artists from 2017 shows

Diana Roberts-Paschall — "Sharing a View"
Exit Gallery Artist: May 6 - May 27, 2017

Oil Paintings by Diana Roberts-Paschall

A bio is about how I got to here.  Blame it on the coloring books. I pressed especially hard to first trace the black lines before filling the spaces with color.  Those certainly were my first drawing lessons. Nine or so years later, as a junior, I boldly asked my high school art class teacher if I could oil paint like the seniors. The perturbed teacher presented art materials and no instructions.  I produced an angular, abstract painting with black lines and color filled spaces somewhat reminiscent of a stained glass window or more precisely of my old coloring book pages. To save space, I cut out the interesting parts of the story. After graduation in an “-ology”, I signed up for my first drawing class. That lead to a  figure painting MFA and a graduate show heavily influenced by  Toulouse Lautrec, Egon Schiele (two artists who used beautiful lines) and another strong painter, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. I had a natural interest in paradoxical themes & their juxtaposition (such as bitter/sweet). The second half of my painting life started when I moved to  CT and took a drawing class to hone my rusty drawing skills.  Lyme Art Academy with Dean Keller launched me into a whole new academic experience. However, it was my Aunt Angela, whose love of  trees turned my attention from my old style to trying plein air painting at Lyme Art Association with Hollis Dunlop.  Rather than freeing I found plein air painting to be an elusive & humbling challenge. In retrospect, the influence of Lyme Academy and Lyme Art Association over the years has softened and blended with my Expressionistic painting tendencies. Even so, I still see the coloring book lines.

 Many thanks to Essex Art Association for treating all its members with open minded kindness and warmth that ranges from kid gloves to a sense of humor.

LAYNE — "When The House Needs Cleaning, I Paint"
Exit Gallery Artist: June 3 - June 24, 2017

Artwork by LAYNE

From early on I knew that making art would be a path I would follow.

I am a graduate of the Hartford Art School of the University of Hartford and have been practicing the canvas ever since.

My subjects vary and I have been told that they depict a dialogue. All things encountered in my life are absorbed, stored and will often surface in a painting. Feeling for my subject is foremost or it is simply paint on a surface.

Most recently a few blotches of color will suggest something and I run with it. It takes a strong sense of composition and a compelling palette. This is a new-found freedom and it is most welcome.  At the end of the day a bit of recognition feeds the soul!

My work has been included in numerous museum and art institution exhibits including:
The Wadsworth Art Museum, Hartford, Ct.
The Berkshire Art Museum, Pittsfield, Ma.
The Slater Museum, Norwich, Ct.
Fairfield University, Fairfield Ct.
The New Britain Museum, New Britain, Ct.
The John Slade Ely House New Haven, Ct.
George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum, Springfield Ma.


Mary Mellot — "Into the North"
Exit Gallery Artist: July 1 - July 22, 2017

Artwork by Mary Mellot

It was not until I moved into the North, specifically the Connecticut Shoreline, that I reconnected to a childhood dream to paint and draw whatever I wanted!  Originally from Dallas, Texas, I acquired a short list of degrees related to the field of art.  As a career artist, I have had many fun, interesting, and challenging opportunities.  What teased me along this path were friends and family whispering in my ear "you should be painting".  I am pleased and grateful to say that I am now fulfilling that inner as well as outer urging.  How lucky can a girl get?  To be given the opportunity to move into the North and paint and draw seems to be the answer!

Pam Carlson — "Forever"
Exit Gallery Artist: July 29 - August 19, 2017  


Paintings by Pam Carlson

Pam was born and raised in Darien, Connecticut where she loved art and participated in local school art shows. While attending college she utilized her Art Major skills by working each summer in N.Y. in commercial art within the advertising world. Teaching won her heart and she finished college with a degree in both Fine Art and Education. Pam taught in public schools in Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania before becoming a fulltime mother, dress designer and bringing her craft back into her own home studio, exhibiting her work in local galleries and ‘town green’ art shows up and down the east coast; this went on for over twenty years. 

She is now concentrating on gallery shows and has had her paintings juried in at The Guilford Art Assoc., The Art Essex Gallery, The Old Lyme Art Assoc., Mystic Art Assoc., Essex Art Assoc., The Art Trail, Slater Memorial Museum, in addition to Three Rivers Art Show, Pittsburg, Pa. and Gallery West and The Emerson Art Center both in Bozeman, MT. Her landscape subjects come from the Connecticut River and its estuaries to Buzzards Bay and also the Rocky Mountain lakes of Montana, many with its inspiring sunrises and sunsets.

Pam is the Vice President of the Essex Art Assoc., and an associate member of the Mystic, Old Lyme, Madison, Clinton, Wickford and Guilford Art Associations. Over the last nine years, she developed and participates annually in the October invitational exhibit, ‘Five Women Painting’. Pam is a charter member of the Maple and Main Gallery in Chester. In its Stone Gallery, her recently completed One Woman Show raised thousands of dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter.

In addition to several recent commissions, five of her paintings depicting Connecticut’s Farm animals are hanging in the Congressional Office Building in Washington DC. She has recently received several awards on her work from independent jurors including 'Best of Show' and her painting of New Beginnings was chosen by the Old Lyme Art Association as the featured painting for their 4-Acts 2014 show. 

Click to see Pam's website


Ellen Gaube — "Scars, Wounds and Other Insults"
Exit Gallery Artist: August 26-September 16, 2017


Artwork by Ellen Gaube

 Ellen Gaube received a Batchelor of Fine Arts with a major in Painting and a minor in Art History from Lyme Academy College of Fine Art.
Gaube exhibits regularly in national and international shows and has received several awards for her drawings. Notably, her drawing Eros was exhibited in the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, 14th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration, September 27 to December 19, 2013. It is now included in their permanent collection.
Her feelings about her work can be summed up: 

“My love of all things nature began in childhood and is the focus of most of my work. Curves always capture my attention with the excitement of drawing the complex organic shapes found in branches, vines, stems and leaves. Most interesting is the beautiful coexistence of order and chaos found in subjects at the end of their life cycle, an aesthetic I strive to capture in my drawings of twigs and branches. Although graphite drawings are my concentration, I am also a student of watercolor, egg tempera and photography where I can indulge in my love of both realism and abstraction. “ 

Her current body of work with vines and branches is a continuation of the Bittersweet series and concerns itself with the use of graphite, graphite powder and gold leaf in the support of realism and abstraction.
Gaube has recently been using photography to document the various bark patterns and fungi she discovers on her hikes through Canfield Meadow Woods Preserve in Essex and Deep River, CT.  Through digital photography she is experimenting with abstraction and the construction of remastered images.
Gaube’s graphite drawing Hygeia was included in American Artist Drawing Magazine Spring 2011 edition.  
The drawing Eros was part of the Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation's 14th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration.

Gaube resides in rural Deep River, Ct with her husband, Gary, two dogs and two cats.