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Essex Art Association

Membership Categories 
Associate Artist Member
Choose this category if you are an artist and want to attain Elected Artist status. At this level you will receive all the basic benefits of an EAA membership, including reduced Associate Artist Member show entry fees, and begin working towards becoming an Elected Artist Member. 

Elected Artist Member
Becoming an Elected Artist member is a significant achievement in any artist's career. Attaining this level of membership means that you have had works accepted in three separate juried art shows within a five-year period. This means your works have passed through the stringent entrance requirements of at least three qualified judges.

In this category you receive some important special benefits; one show each season exclusively for Elected Artist Members, and the lowest show entry fees.

If you have met the requirements for becoming an Elected Artist in the Essex Art Association and are interested in applying for that membership level, click here to download 

Lifetime Elected Artist Member
Once you have been an Elected Artist Member for three years, you may choose to become a Lifetime Elected Artist Member by paying a one-time fee. As a Lifetime Elected Artist Member, your membership rights and benefits remain fully active and the only fees you'll ever pay will be for show entries, at a lower rate.

Supporting Member
Choose this category if you have no interest in becoming an Elected Artist member but do want to be an active member of the EAA. When you become a Supporting Member you will receive all the basic benefits of membership.